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Fixie Developer Portal 🦊

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Fixie is a platform for building applications using large language models. With Fixie, you build agents that communicate in natural language, and can answer questions, access data sources such as documents and web pages, call APIs, and much more.

Access the Fixie web interface at console.fixie.ai. Here you can create and deploy agents and manage data sources.

Fixie Agents can be built in any language or toolkit, but we make it easy using the AI.JSX framework. AI.JSX is an open-source framework for building AI-powered applications in JavaScript and JSX. AI.JSX can be used to create standalone LLM applications that can be deployed anywhere Node.js is supported, as well as deployed as a Fixie Agent.

This site has resources for developers accessing the low-level Fixie Platform APIs directly. For a high-level programming inferface for building Fixie Agents, see the AI.JSX documentation.

Notice: Migrating to the new Fixie Platform

The original app.fixie.ai domain is being deprecated in favor of console.fixie.ai. You will need to set up a new account and migrate to the new AI.JSX-based Fixie SDKs. More information is available here!

Getting Started

To get started building with Fixie, follow these steps:

  1. Login to console.fixie.ai with your Google or GitHub account.
  2. Click the New Agent button to create an Agent. Give it a name and a description.
  3. Start chatting with your Agent right on the page.

You're now ready to go build Agents with Fixie. For more, check out the tutorials below.

Fixie Platform APIs

The Fixie Platform consists of a suite of APIs that can be used by Fixie Agents.

The Fixie CLI provides a simple CLI to these APIs; run npx fixie@latest help for a complete list of commands.

The Fixie Corpus API allows you to create and manage corpora of documents, which can consist of a set of web pages generated by a crawl, or uploaded directly.

Use the npx fixie@latest corpus command to interact with the Fixie Corpus API.

Getting help


If you're interested in using Fixie in production, we're happy to provide first-class support. Drop us a line at [email protected].

We're happy to help if you have any issues.

Check out our Discord Community, or contact us by email at [email protected].