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Migrating to the new Fixie Platform

September 2023


The original app.fixie.ai domain is being deprecated, and will be disabled on November 1, 2023. Please migrate your user account and agents to the new Fixie Platform hosted at console.fixie.ai as soon as possible.

What's happening?

We are migrating the Fixie Platform to a new, more powerful approach to building LLM-powered Agents, based on the AI.JSX framework. Compared to the original Python-based Fixie libraries, AI.JSX makes it possible to build more flexible and fluent conversational applications, leveraging the power of JSX for constructing LLM prompts, managing state, and interfacing with external APIs and tools.

Along with this change comes a number of fundamental changes to the Fixie platform, which will unlock much more power for LLM application developers. Rather than maintain the older Python framework, we are asking developers to move over to the new AI.JSX-based platform, which is hosted on console.fixie.ai.

Migration guide

Building Fixie Agents with AI.JSX is much more flexible than the original Python-based CodeShots Agents approach. However, it involves a new set of APIs and concepts.

  1. Head on over to the new Fixie Console at console.fixie.ai. You will need to create a new account. Note that your previous Agents and other data from the original app.fixie.ai will not be migrated.
  2. If you had previously set the FIXIE_API_URL environment variable, unset it.
  3. Uninstall the fixie and/or fixieai Python packages, which are no longer needed:
$ pip uninstall fixie fixieai
  1. Run the new Fixie CLI tool by running:
$ npx fixie@latest

Follow the Getting Started guide to get started building your first Fixie Agent using the new AI.JSX-based platform.

Deprecation timeline

The original app.fixie.ai domain will be disabled on November 1, 2023. At this time, all Agents and other data, including user accounts, will be removed from the original app.fixie.ai domain.

Agents and user data on the new console.fixie.ai domain will not be affected.

Getting help

If you need help migrating your code and agents to the new platform, please reach out to us by email or on Discord. We're more than happy to help!